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About Us

Who We Are

Never Give Up International is an organization zealous about socio-economic reform within the landscape of a collapsing economy that has seen the unemployment and poverty rate,sky rocket as time progresses.

We founded this institution to be a hub of motivation and inspiration to those yearning for confidence and faith in challenging times and give the people a sense of encouragement through turbulent episodes of life.

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What we do

How we make a difference within our communities around the world.

Food Parcels

Helping communities in need with combo food parcels to the most needy families.

Skills Programs

Running workshops to help individuals with skills to start businesses.

Social Services

Helping communities & individuals in need with life challenging situations.


Creating awareness amongst people through digital platforms & workshops.

Mentorship Programs

Montoring young business owners and individuals with business or careers.

Motivational Speaking

Growing the mind of individuals through speaking events to help motivate.

FREE Marketing promotions

Using our online plartform to run free promotions for small businesses.

Arts & crafts

We offer crafts like music, fashion, photography & videography to People and businesses.